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What are the advantages of CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill?

Source:admin Posted:2022-09-01

CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill is a commonly used equipment in the industry. It is mainly suitable for ultra-fine powder processing of hard materials with Mohl’s hardness below 6, such as calcium carbonate, calcite, barite, limestone, gypsum and other materials. It can be said that the appearance of an ultrafine vertical roller mill makes it possible to process stone into ultra-fine powder.

So what are the advantages of an ultrafine vertical roller mill? Today, let us introduce it to you in detail:

1. High quality powder size.

The fineness of the finished product is D97 5-45 microns. Narrow particle size distribution, can produce 2 micron content of 20%-70% products, greatly improving the added value of finished products and application areas.

2. Convenient maintenance.

The grinding wheel and roller plate lining are made of special alloy wear-resistant material, which makes the wearing parts have long service life and low maintenance cost.

3.High efficiency and energy saving

Special grinding structure, forming effective and stable material layer, equipment vibration is small, product pollution-free, good whiteness. Compared with the general mill, the power consumption is 30% less.

4. Intelligent control.

CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill adopts PLC intelligent control inside and touch screen display and adjust system parameters in real time outside. Reserved modular interface, strong responsibility, can quickly realize the front-end grinding aid adding system, back-end powder modification system and packaging system and other modules of the connection, to ensure the automatic control of the whole process.

5. Green environmental protection.

The whole equipment is sealed, the system works under negative pressure, the finished product is directly sent to the large finished product warehouse by the gas conveying equipment, no dust spilt, the production environment is clean, and meets the national environmental protection requirements.

6. Special roller lining plate

The CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill is equipped with a specially designed grinding curve of roller cover and lining plate. When processing ultra-fine powder, it is easier to form material layers than ordinary vertical mill, which can reduce the residence time of materials in the mill and improve the clarity and whiteness of finished products.

7. Adopt multi-head powder separator

The principle of multi-round powder selection, all rotors can be frequency conversion speed regulation, fineness of finished products can be realized in the selected range, multiple varieties of production quality stability, high reproducibility.

9. Pump, suction lubrication mode

The roller lubrication adopts a separate lubrication station, and the single roller loop adopts the mode of double pump and suction working at the same time, which not only makes the roller bearing fully lubricated and cooled, but also ensures that the roller bearing room will not leak due to excessive oil storage.

10. Automatic control pressure mode.

Using PLC/DCS automatic control roller pressure control mode, can accurately control the grinding pressure, and does not need manual operation. The equipment is equipped with mechanical and electronic limiting devices to prevent direct contact between the roller sleeve and the grinding plate liner to avoid damaging impact and vibration.

11. Mature technology, good quality.

Using the principle of material layer milling, the material in the mill residence time is short, less repeated milling, less iron content, the finished product whiteness and clarity is high; ​the grinding curve of the specially designed roller sleeve and lining plate can be ground to the required fineness of 400-3000 mesh at one time.

12. Frequency conversion powder selection, energy saving and low consumption.

The principle of multi-round powder selection, all rotors can be frequency conversion speed regulation, fineness of finished products can be adjusted in the selected range; ​and when producing the same fineness finished products, the product saves 30%-50% energy than the ordinary mill.

13. Simple operation and safe operation.

Adopt PLC/DCS automatic control roller pressure control mode, basically without manual operation; ​independent roller lubrication stations can not only fully lubricate but also prevent oil leakage.

14. Convenient operation and maintenance, green environmental protection.

Roller can be turned out for maintenance, convenient and fast, reduce downtime loss; ​low vibration, low noise, good overall sealing, no dust spilt, in line with the national environmental requirements.

15. Integrated design, less comprehensive investment.

The CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying. The system is simple, the layout is compact, the area is about 50% of the ball milling system, and it can be arranged in the open air, which greatly reduces the investment cost. The system design is simple and reasonable, saves unnecessary equipment investment, reduce the total equipment investment.

15. All-round optimization, lower operating cost.

From the grinding efficiency, powder drying, wear and tear of wearing parts, maintenance and replacement of accessories and other points of view, we can help customers to save equipment operation costs in a comprehensive way. For example, the grinding roller is used to directly crush grinding materials on the grinding disc, which can reduce energy consumption. The hot air directly contacts the material in the mill, and the drying ability is stronger. The grinding roller sleeve is used to avoid direct contact between the grinding roller and the grinding disc. Equipped with maintenance cylinder, can be convenient and quick replacement of roller sleeve, lining board, greatly reduce the loss of downtime.

16. High environmental standards, more automation.

The equipment runs stably and the vibration is small, so the noise is low. The whole system is sealed and works under negative pressure, no dust spilt, the environment is clean, the emission standard is far more than international. And equipped with expert automatic control system, can realize remote control and local control of the free switch, easy to operate and save labor.

17. Short grinding time, less iron content, higher finished quality.

Short residence time of materials in grinding, reduce repeated grinding, easy to detect and control the particle size and chemical composition of products, easy to stabilize the quality of products; ​at the same time, the grinding roller and the grinding plate do not contact directly, the iron content in the product is very little, and the iron contained in the mechanical wear is easy to remove, effectively ensure the whiteness and purity of the material.

18. Low energy consumption for grinding.

The grinding method of grinding material directly by grinding roller on the grinding plate can reduce energy consumption. It can effectively improve the service life of the roller and the lining plate and save the production cost.

19. Strong drying ability.

The hot air from the outside to the mill can directly and repeatedly contact with the material in the mill, with strong drying ability, saving land area, and by adjusting the temperature of the hot air, it can easily cope with materials with different humidity.

20. High grinding mill efficiency.

Bevel gear overall transmission, transmission ratio is accurate, transmission chain is reduced, energy loss is reduced, efficiency is improved.

21. High efficiency of powder selection.

The speed of separator is controlled by frequency conversion, the speed is more accurate. Isolated cyclone powder collector, powder selection efficiency greatly improved.

22. Stable finished product quality.

The material stays in the mill for a short time reduces the repeated grinding, and is easy to detect and control the particle size and chemical composition of the product, which is convenient to stabilize the product quality.

23. Small footprint.

The ultrafine vertical roller mill occupies a small area, saves the industrial land area, reduces the total cost of project investment, and improves the customer’s income.

24. 24 hours continuous production without shutdown.

The main mill roller bearing and reducer are lubricated with thin oil, which can produce continuously for 24 hours without stopping. The lubrication system is stable, reliable and easy to maintain.

25. Preferably the main engine, in line with the engineering material standards.

This project is equipped with complete equipment of clum series ultrafine vertical roller mill, and the finished products are rounder and more reasonable in grading, which can meet the requirements of powder used in PAPERmaking, chemistry, coating and other industries.

26. Meet market demand.

This production line can not only grind the whole line, but also adjust according to the market demand to achieve different requirements of powder fineness, to further meet the market.

26. A full set of collocation, the quality of the finished product is better.

From crushing to grinding, the production line adopts CLUM ultra-fine vertical grinding mill new complete set of high energy efficiency equipment, and the finished product shape is more in line with the engineering standard.

27. High automation, good comprehensive benefits.

The whole production line is highly automated, grinding efficiency is high, operation is more stable, maintenance intensity and production cost are reduced, finished product quality is high, comprehensive benefit is good.

28. Automatic systems are more convenient.

The production line adopts the design principles of industrial park, centralized control, intelligent, automatic, modular, relying on intelligent control system to control the running state of equipment, operation and maintenance is more convenient.

29. Seize business opportunities and enhance local benefits.

The customer is making high-quality calcium carbonate, with good geographical location and market, and relatively perfect environmental protection facilities on site, which not only have high environmental benefits, but also can realize comprehensive development of local ore resources and help regional economic development.

30. Optimize equipment to ensure stable production.

The main equipment of this project uses high-quality accessories, grinding calcite can be more than 5 years without replacing the accessories. At the same time with full diluted oil lubrication, with air cooling temperature control system, to improve the production line life.

31. Customized solutions to help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In accordance with customer requirements, the technical team of Kollirick has carried out multi-dimensional and thoughtful design for the production line. The operation planning is simple and reasonable, the number of equipment used is small, the process is smooth, the production line is convenient to run, and the operation cost is reduced.

32. Advanced technology, reliable equipment.

This production line adopts CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill , mature technology, reliable performance equipment, the overall production technology, process equipment are in the domestic advanced level.

33. High quality calcium carbonate, high added value.

The production line can flexibly adjust THE proportion of finished products according to the market conditions, and the quality of finished products is excellent, which can not only meet the customer’s high standard requirements for calcium carbonate, but also bring considerable economic benefits for customers.

34. Measures should be taken according to local conditions.

The production line construction scheme is designed by the professional team of Kollirick based on the data of the field examination and the production needs of customers, and the production operation process is smooth.

CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mills
CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mills
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