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How does construction waste turn construction waste into treasure?

Source:admin Posted:2022-11-08

What is construction waste?

Construction waste refers to the waste, abandoned soil, discarded material and other wastes generated during the construction and demolition of various buildings, structures and pipe networks by construction units or individuals. With the development of urbanization, more and more construction waste is generated by the construction of houses. Most construction wastes are directly stacked in the open or buried, occupying land resources and causing serious pollution to the environment, such as dust and other problems. Long-term piling and landfill of construction will penetrate into the soil and pollute the soil and groundwater. So the disposal of construction waste is very important.

Now the best thing to do is waste building concrete, waste brick and other materials can be used to produce thick and fine aggregate for making wall panels, floor tiles and highway pavement bases.

How is construction waste processed into aggregate?

Set up a crushing station for construction waste

The composition of crushing station

And crusher, screening system, sundry sorting device, transmission structure and vibration feeding unit into the crushing of construction waste crushing station.

Vibrating feeding equipment

If construction waste is put directly into the crusher, it will have a huge impact on the crusher. If you do this for a long time, it will cause uneven force and affect the normal operation of the device. Therefore, it is necessary to install a vibrating feeder in front of the crusher device. The advantage of vibrating feeders is uniform feeding. After vibrating the material it slowly moves it into the crusher. If the particles of construction waste are small, they will fall into the gaps between the railings and act as a filter.

GZ Vibrating Feeder
GZ Vibrating Feeder


In the crushing station, the crusher is the core equipment, and the crushing treatment of construction waste is its main task. The main characteristics of construction waste materials are high hardness and low viscosity. Therefore, to ensure that the crushed construction waste should be in the performance of the crusher, efficiency and material particle size of the standard and range.

Hammer Crusher
Hammer Crusher

Screening system

In order to produce high-quality recycled aggregate, secondary crushing can be carried out if it is difficult to be successfully crushed once, which requires additional screening system to send the filtered concrete blocks with larger particles and unqualified materials to the crusher for crushing treatment, so as to ensure the effective treatment of construction waste.

Sundries sorting equipment

There are a lot of sundries in the building, especially a large amount of scrap iron wire and scrap steel material.​ Therefore, it is necessary to set up a debris sorting device in the crushing station, to sort the scrap wire, scrap steel, in order to reduce the influence of impurities in the recycled concrete aggregate.

Superfine powder roller mill

If you want to make recycled concrete aggregate ultrafine powder, you can add super fine Grinding equipment behind the crushing, 50-325 mesh. You can choose our YGM series high pressure suspension grinding mill, 80-500 mesh. You can choose our CLRM series enhanced roller grinding mill, 150-2500 mesh. You can choose our HGM series micro powder grinding mill, 150-3000 you can choose our CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller Mill.

YGM Series High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill
YGM Series High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill
CLRM series enhanced roller grinding mill
HGM Ultrafine Powder Grinding MILL
HGM Ultrafine Powder Grinding MILL
CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mills
CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mills

Processing ability: 1-30t/h

Fineness: 50-325 mesh

Max feeding size: 20mm

Processing ability: 1-35 t/h

Fineness: 80-500 mesh

Max feeding size: 35 mm

Processing ability: 1-45 t/h

Fineness: 150-2500 mesh

Max feeding size: 10-25mm

Processing ability: 1-20 T/H

Fineness: 150-3000 mesh

Max feeding size: <10 mm

What is the use of construction waste recovery aggregate?

Construction waste recycled aggregate can be used in different fields instead of natural aggregate.

1. Recycled concrete, stucco, bricks, bricks, slabs, etc. for construction projects.

2. Recycled pervious concrete, pervious brick, inorganic mixture, graded gravel and backfill materials are used in municipal traffic engineering.

3. Construction waste recycled aggregate as impermeable material.

4. Construction waste recycled aggregate products are used in underground pipelines and corridors.

Application of recycled aggregate
Application of recycled aggregate

The recycling of construction waste can realize the recycling of resources and promote the development of the economy.

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