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What is Mica?

Source:admin Posted:2023-12-21

Introduction of Mica

Mica (chemical formula: KAl2(AlSi3O10)(OH)2) is a rock-forming mineral with a hexagonal flaky crystal shape. The characteristic is insulation and high-temperature resistance. Mica mines mainly include biotite, phlogopite, muscovite, lepidolite, sericite, green mica, iron-lepidolite, etc.

Muscovite is used most in industry, followed by phlogopite, which is widely used in chemical industries such as building materials, fire fighting, fire extinguishing agents, welding rods, plastics, electrical insulation, papermaking, asphalt paper, rubber, pearlescent pigments, etc. In addition, mica also has medicinal value.


Mica crushing and grinding process

The Mohs hardness of mica ore is 2~3. It can be ground into fine powder by a mica industrial grinding mill.

The main mica powder meshes are 325 mesh, 400 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, 2000 mesh, and 3000 mesh, as well as superfine mica powder.

Grinding mill machine processing

Beneficiation-rough breaking-processing-grinding-grading-packaging-finished product.

The product’s mica powder content can reach more than 70%, which is suitable for use in low- and medium-grade paints, exterior wall coatings, anti-corrosion and arson coatings, ship coatings, rubber, welding rods, cables, and other industries.

SBM superfine powder mill – multi-head classifier

Superfine vertical grinding machine

– airflow purification and classification processing

Beneficiation-rough breaking-processing semi-finished products-purification-grinding-grading-packaging-finished products.

Under the control of automation, this mica industrial grinding mill can produce mica refined powder in a standardized manner, which preserves the original unique scaly structure of mica ore, has a high diameter-to-thickness ratio, and has excellent quality.

The content of mica powder can reach more than 95%, which is suitable for use in medium and high-grade exterior wall coatings, powder coatings, anti-corrosion arson coatings, marine coatings, mul

Types of mica industrial grinding mills

Mica industrial grinding mill mainly includes CLRM series enhanced roller grinding mill,HGM series ultra-fine grinding mills and CLUM series vertical roller mills. These three mills are independently developed and produced by Clirik, and the grinding fineness is between 300-3000 meshes and can be adjusted freely. It can meet the production of mica powder in the field of fine powder and superfine powder, and three can be used in the mica crushing and grinding production line.

CLRM series enhanced roller grinding mill

The fineness of the ore powder produced by this ultrafine grinding mill is 80-500 mesh, and the output is 1-35 t/h.

CLRM series enhanced roller grinding mill have a small footprint, simple configuration, convenient operation, and low investment. It is cost-effective industrial grinding milling equipment.

In addition to mica, it can also grind other non-metallic minerals, about one hundred kinds.

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