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Clirik ultrafine powder grinding mill, opening the new blueprint of the industry

Source:admin Posted:2023-06-07

Background Brief

At present, economic globalization and social informatization are developing in depth, and a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is ready to go, forming a historic intersection with my country’s accelerated transformation of economic development mode.

In the industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the inorganic non-metallic salt industry, it is necessary to uphold the attitude and determination of keeping upright and innovating, and seeking progress while maintaining stability; hoard the confidence of “strong manufacturing and hard technology”; link the world and lay out the future.

Specifically, in the inorganic salt non-metallic mining products industry, the development and use of ultra-fine pulverizers are inseparable from the development of the industry level. Attention should be paid to the research on the basic theory of superfine pulverization, such as: research on the optimal working parameters and pulverization mechanism of superfine pulverizers; different superfine pulverization methods (or application methods of mechanical stress), such as impact, grinding, friction, shearing, The law of energy consumption, crushing efficiency, product fineness and energy utilization rate of crushing and erosion in different crushing environments, etc.

In order to strengthen the basic theoretical research of the industry and improve its own scientific and technological strength, it is necessary to:

  • 1. Focus on using scientific and technological talents as the source of technological innovation.
  • 2. Supported by the legal awareness of intellectual property protection.
  • 3. Possess abundant independent innovation capabilities and centralized scientific and technological research and development resources.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. insists on providing sufficient selection space with diversified equipment selection, and providing customer service with continuously optimized process configuration and comprehensive technical support.

Product Introduction

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. has achieved intensive, intelligent production lines and control laboratories with the degree of de-labor-intensive, high-yield combination of learning and research, and has reserved first-line scientific and technological talents to jointly promote the industrial transformation of experimental scientific and technological achievements.

The company’s products mainly include HGM series ultrafine powder grinding mill, CLUM series ultrafine vertical powder grinding mill, coarse powder mill, hammer crusher, jaw crusher, hoist, dust collector and other grinding and crushing equipment and its supporting products.

HGM series ultrafine powder grinding mill

The HGM series ultrafine powder grinding mill is a series of advanced grinding equipment designed for processing various materials into ultrafine powders. It is widely used in fields such as metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement, construction, refractory materials, ceramics, and more.

HGM series ultrafine powder grinding mill

1. High Efficiency: The HGM series mill utilizes advanced grinding technology and a multi-layer grinding design, which enables it to achieve high grinding efficiency and significantly reduce energy consumption.

2. Wide Range of Applications: The mill is capable of processing a wide range of materials, including non-flammable and non-explosive minerals with a hardness of less than 7 on the Mohs scale. It can grind materials like limestone, calcite, marble, talc, barite, dolomite, gypsum, graphite, and many others.

3. Adjustable Fineness: The mill allows for precise control of the final product’s fineness. It features a high-precision turbine classifier that can achieve a particle size range of 325-2500 mesh (45-5 microns).

4. Advanced Grinding Technology: The HGM series mill adopts advanced grinding principles, such as impact, grinding, and crushing, to ensure the high quality and fineness of the final product. It also incorporates a unique dust removal system to maintain a clean working environment.

5. User-friendly Design: The mill is designed with user convenience in mind. It has a compact structure, small footprint, and is easy to install and operate. The grinding chamber and other components are designed to be easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning.

CLUM series ultrafine vertical powder grinding mill

The CLUM series ultrafine vertical powder grinding mill is a state-of-the-art grinding equipment that combines high grinding efficiency, adjustable fineness, and a vertical design. Its advanced technology, wide range of applications, and user-friendly features make it suitable for various industries requiring ultrafine powder production.

CLUM Series Ultrafine Vertical Powder Grinding Mill

1. Vertical Structure: The CLUM mill adopts a vertical design, which occupies a smaller footprint compared to traditional horizontal mills. This makes it suitable for installations with limited space.

2. High Grinding Efficiency: The mill is equipped with a grinding roller assembly and a grinding disc assembly, both of which rotate in opposite directions. This dual-rotation system, along with the use of advanced grinding technology, ensures high grinding efficiency and low energy consumption.

3. Wide Range of Applications: The CLUM mill is capable of grinding various non-flammable and non-explosive materials with a hardness of less than 7 on the Mohs scale. It can process materials like calcium carbonate, barite, talc, gypsum, diatomaceous earth, graphite, and more.

4. Adjustable Fineness: The mill offers precise control over the fineness of the final product. It incorporates a high-precision turbine classifier that can achieve a particle size range of 325-3000 mesh (5-45 microns).

5. Advanced Technology: The CLUM series mill utilizes advanced grinding principles, including grinding, impact, and crushing. It is equipped with a unique dynamic and static separator, which efficiently separates the coarse and fine particles, ensuring a high-quality final product.

6. Intelligent Control System: The mill is equipped with an intelligent control system that allows for easy adjustment of grinding parameters, such as grinding pressure, rotation speed, and classifier rotor speed. This enables precise control over the grinding process.

Environmental Friendliness: The CLUM mill is designed with environmental considerations in mind. It features a pulse dust collector that effectively captures dust particles, ensuring a clean working environment. It also complies with environmental protection standards.

Easy Maintenance: The mill is designed for easy maintenance. It has a simple structure with easily accessible components, making inspection, maintenance, and cleaning convenient.

Layout the future

Clirik is a leading company in the industry. In the process of taking the lead in completing the green technological transformation, technological breakthroughs and innovations in the industry are a more difficult road to reform. It is necessary to submit a Chinese-style answer sheet in the technological innovation of the international inorganic non-metallic mineral industry. The key is to be based at home, look abroad, communicate and share, and promote technology.

1. How to further improve production efficiency and reduce equipment energy consumption while ensuring product granularity?

  • 1) The general development trend of non-metallic mineral raw materials or materials in the future is high purity, ultrafine and functional. The development of fine grading equipment and other supporting equipment matched with ultra-fine crushing equipment can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure qualified product particle size.
  • 2) Integrated, high-precision grinding equipment is the key to the development of ultra-fine grinding technology.

2. How can scientific and technological innovation empower the inorganic non-metallic mineral industry?

  • 1) Realize intelligent and automatic equipment terminal control.
  • 2) Through the functional integration of equipment, simplify equipment land use, and realize intensive and efficient space utilization.

3. How can technological innovation capabilities empower the industrial milling industry to provide high value-added products?

  • 1) Integration of research and development equipment and process research and development. Ultrafine crushing and grading equipment must be specifically adapted to specific material characteristics and product indicators, and the specifications and models will be diversified and personalized.
  • 2) Modern engineering technology will require more and more high-purity ultra-fine powders, and ultra-fine pulverization technology will play an increasingly important role in high-tech research and development. The future of industry development will take high-purity ultra-fine non-metallic mineral deep processing raw materials as the leader, and comprehensively develop and utilize various non-metallic minerals.
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