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Fight Against The Epidemic Together-Clirik

Source:admin Posted:2022-04-06

When the Shanghai epidemic in mid-February was not serious,According to the three types of measures of “reduction”, “help” and “service” introduced by Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau to support enterprises to resume work during the epidemic prevention and control period, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is producing in the management company.Use our best efforts to allow enterprises to resume work and production in an orderly manner.

Epidemic prevention measures

The company will wear masks every day when entering the park, measure body temperature, and check the health code to ensure the safety of staff. 

A table of 4 people is adopted to control the dining distance. 

Office areas and elevators are regularly disinfected.

In daily work, use online communication as much as possible to reduce cross-infection between personnel. 

Don’t shut down

On March 28, Shanghai implemented a home quarantine policyOur CLIRIK workers who live in the factory dormitory will arrange nucleic acid tests every day.Non-stop production under the premise of ensuring the safety of employees to ensure that customer orders can be delivered on schedule.

I believe that Clirik will get through this difficult time of the epidemic, we will continue Adhering to the original intention of “pursuing your value and strengthening your interests”, we will bring more and better grinding equipment to our customers. 

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