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Clirik Celebrates Women’s Day For Female Employees 

Source:admin Posted:2022-03-08

The beginning of 2022 is an extraordinary year: the raging epidemic, the ongoing Sino-US trade war, rising raw material prices, chip shortages, soaring logistics costs, power curtailment policies, carbon emission reduction targets, the Russia-Ukraine war… Clirik is in In the face of such a bad financial environment, we do not forget to send the most sincere blessings to the female employees of the company on Women’s Day.

Activity 1: Send Flowers

The company has prepared red carnations for each female employee to express the company’s festive greetings and sincere wishes to the female employees who work hard in various positions of the company! I wish you a happy life, a harmonious family, smooth work and always beautiful ✨ !

Activity 2: Send Gift

The company also prepared an exquisite gift for each of our female employees, a set of ceramic cherry blossom teapots and cups,The surface of the cup has concave and convex patterns, glazing marks and small black dots fired by iron powder in the clay, with a sense of history, and the hand-made fingerprint marks have a unique style,Just like each of us girls bloom their own different beauty.

I believe that companies like Clirik will thrive in the difficult times. Adhering to the original intention of “pursuing your value and strengthening your interests”, we will bring more and better grinding equipment to our customers.

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