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Egyptian customer visit

Source:admin Posted:2023-07-06

Visiting Background

In June, Clirik participated in the 2023 Middle East Coatings Exhibition, where customers met us,The customer was looking for a grinding plant that could process limestone, marble, serpentine and basalt.

When he saw the poster of our machine at the exhibition, he was very interested, so he came to our booth to communicate with our sales manager and technical engineer to learn more about it.

Through the conversation, the customer learned that we are a manufacturer of ore grinding equipment for nearly 20 years. There are also local customer cases in Egypt for reference, and the customer is very satisfied with it.The customer wants to come and visit our production plant.

The customer is an “actionist”. After the visit exhibition, he visited our Egyptian customer site, and ordered a ticket and visa to Shanghai to arrange a trip to visit our company.

Visit the showroom

After we receive the information of the customer’s visit, we will start to arrange the itinerary after the customer’s visit. The client arrived in Shanghai at night, and we took the client to the hotel for a rest.

Pick up customers at 9:00 the next morning to visit our product showroom, here are our CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mills, HGM series micro powder grinding mills, YGM series high pressure suspension grinding mills, jaw crushers and other crushers , hammer crusher, cone crusher and other ore grinding and processing equipment. The customer said that he visited many companies, and none of them had such a complete product showroom like ours. He was very shocked and took a group photo under national flag of all nations.

Egyptian customer visit
Egyptian customer visit

Visit the production workshop

After visiting our showroom, take customers to visit our production workshop. Our production workshop is managed according to 5S standard. When entering the production workshop, you must wear a safety helmet. Those who work in the workshop must wear work clothes to enter. Things that are not related to work are allowed in the workshop, and all things need to be registered and recorded. The whole workshop is neatly arranged. The customer said that this is the most neatly organized large-scale mechanical equipment production workshop he has ever seen.

Our Lingang production workshop is too far away. I didn’t take the client to visit the site, so I decided to take the client to visit through video in the afternoon. Customers do not need to visit the Lingang production workshop to prove that we are already a trustworthy mill manufacturer.

Egyptian customer visit
Egyptian customer visit

Sign a contract

After having a good lunch, we let our customers take a break in the coffee shop downstairs and took them to visit our “Ore Museum”, which lists the ores we can process and the fineness we can process, as well as downstream application product fields . The customer said that we are a conscientious enterprise that is doing the milling business with heart.

After visiting the Mineral Museum, we took the customer to the conference room, gave the customer a remote tour of our Lingang production workshop, and then made a plan specification and product recommendation for his needs. A series of progress went smoothly. The customer expressed that he was very grateful to us. Confident, immediately signed an order contract with us.

Egyptian customer visit
Egyptian customer visit

We are very grateful to our customers for their recognition of Clirik, and once again gave us enough confidence to be a manufacturer based on integrity.

If you want to know more product or case information, you can leave us a message, leave your detailed requirements and our sales manager will get in touch with you later.

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