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Calcium carbonate powder Raymond mill -Case in Indonesian

Raw Material: Calcium carbonate

Country Of Client: Indonesian

Brief Introduction:

This Indonesian customer uses YGM series calcium carboante powder raymond mill to grind calcium carbonate into a fine powder (325 mesh).

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Calcium carbonate powder Raymond mill -Case in Indonesian

Details of this customer case

Raymond mill customer case site

Indonesia’s customer gave us an inquiry on our website, consulting mill, through detailed communication. We know that the customer the demand is calcium carbonate grinding to 325 mesh, used in ceramics and enamel, glass raw materials, rubber industry, feed and fertilizer industries, paint and other industries. If the project goes well, later on, the customer wants to ground limestone, gypsum, barite and other materials, to open up more markets. According to customer’s demand, we recommend our YGM series calcium carbonate Raymond mill with stable performance and output.

The picture on the right is the customer’s field picture.

The customer is very satisfied with the performance and output of our YGM series calcium carbonate Raymond mill machine, but the customer is still very hesitant to choose our products, because he can not visit our company for field investigation, we can not understand the corporate culture, production strength and other details. Therefore, we took him to visit our office area and production base by means of cloud inspection, and arranged for him to visit our previous customer site in Indonesian. Thanks to the efforts of various parties, the customer chose us.

Why do we recommend YGM series calcium carbonate Raymond mill?

1.Low initial investment cost. YGM sseries calcium carbonate Raymond mill adopts the integrated design of powder making and powder selecting, which occupies a small area and consumes less power. In the case of the same output, compared with the traditional mill and ball mill power saving 20%-30%.

2.YGM series calcium carbonate mill adopts an intelligent control system, easy to operate, and can be produced after assembly.

3.YGM series calcium carbonate powder raymond mill equipment is mature and stable. The whole machine adopts high quality steel, high wear resistance, prolong the service life of the machine. Reduce customer maintenance costs.

4.YGM series Calcium carbonate Raymond mill makes full use of jet flow and optimized impeller structure, grinding efficiency is higher, the output is 1-30T/h, screening rate can reach 99%, can ensure the production of output and quality.

5.The YGM series Raymond grinding machine grinding range is wide, Mohr hardness below 6 grade ore materials can be grinding, 50-325 mesh grinding fineness can be adjusted according to customer needs, but also for customers later to expand the market is ready, without new production equipment can be processed.

6.YGM series high pressure suspension mill with small dust emission, special dust collector configuration, dust removal effect of 99.99% or more, basically achieve dust-free operation of the workshop.

And the operation noise is low, the machine vibration is small, the noise is 20-30 decibels lower than the ball mill. Provide a good production environment for customers. Pay attention to environmental protection while creating income.

Calcium Carbonate Powder Raymond Mill

Calcium Carbonate Powder Raymond Mill

Model: YGM series

Processing ability: 1-30t/h

Fineness: 50-325 mesh

Max feeding size: 20mm

Range of application: Calcium Carbonate ,Limestone ,Kaolin,Gypsum ,Bentonite,Marble, Feldspar, Barite, Dolomite, Granite …

Why did the customer choose us (Shanghai Clirik Machine Co., LTD.)?

1.We have high quality products.

Recommend the most suitable products for customers in the interests of customers.

2.We have an excellent service team.

After getting this information, our sales staff will continue to communicate with customers through various ways to understand the needs of customers, to design suitable feldspar powder production line schemes for him, mill installation technical services, technical personnel training, etc.

3.Good word of mouth.

Our enterprise philosophy is: people-oriented, honest service.

After the customer buys the machine, we will pay a regular return visit to the customer and ask whether the customer needs our technical support and other services.

4.Make good use of existing resources.

We use cloud video to show customers the factory.Let customers to our existing customers to visit the site, intuitive to reassure customers.


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