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Calcium Carboante Powder Raymond Mill-Case in Myanmar

Raw Material: Calcite

Country Of Client: Myanmar

Brief Introduction:

Myanmar customers use our high yield, high efficiency, high quality, low investment cost calcium carbonate powder Raymond mill to ground calcite.

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Calcium Carboante Powder Raymond Mill-Case in Myanmar

Details of this customer case

In 2020, the Myanmar customer sent us a formatted inquiry on the official website. After getting the customer’s information, our business communicated with the customer through email (since the product is a large grinding equipment, many details need to be communicated with drawings, so we prefer to communicate through email). Through communication, we know that the customer needs to process grinding calcite, the grinding fineness is 125 mesh, and the production capacity is 3-5 tons/hour. Since the amount of investment is finite, our sales manager suggested that he use our YGM series calcium carbonate powder Raymond mill.

We have learned that the raw material of the customer is a large block material, which cannot be directly put into the Raymond mill for grinding. It needs to be broken into small materials for grinding in advance. After receiving the detailed material information of the customer, our sales manager immediately communicated with the engineer and designed a reasonable scheme drawing for the customer’s project according to the customer’s needs. After the drawings were approved by the customer, the customer sent the quotation list. After receiving the quotation, the customer asked us the following questions: 1. The mill is too expensive. 2. The quoted product information does not match the website information. 3. The freight is too high.

(1) We will respond to customers’ questions.Product information does not match. There are 6 models of YGM series calcium carbonate Raymond mill, and the corresponding parameters of each model are different. Our sales manager explained the parameter information of different models to customers one by one, and finally reassured customers.

(2) To the problem of freight due to the influence of the outbreak, the global ocean freight price to rise sharply, but the customer does not know the shipping situation at that time, we suggest that the customer himself first to ask the local shipping agent market price, if the customer feel our provide the freight price is higher, we agree to use FOB, after investigation, The customer prefers the price offered by our forwarder and decides to continue using CIF.

(3) For the product price, First, tell the customer we are a mining grinding equipment manufacturers, we sell equipment are our own production in the middle of the earn price difference no middlemen, you get the price is our factory price, Then we chat through customer know recently there are other companies send the quotation to the customer, Under our questioning, we know that it is those manufacturers, according to the advantages and disadvantages of different manufacturers to make a comparison, and give a larger preferential price. In the end, the client chose us.

The picture on the right is the customer’s field picture:

Raymond mill customer case site
Raymond mill customer case site

Why do we recommend calcium carbonate powder Raymond mill ?

1.The high production capacity of calcium carbonate powder Raymond mill is 1-30T/h, which can meet the basic needs of customers.

2.The grinding fineness of calcium carbonate Raymond mill can be adjusted between 50 – 325 mesh. ​can expand the customer’s final calcite powder application field, increase revenue.

3.Raymond mill reducer adopts new reducer for easy adjustment and uniform particle size.

4.Calcium carbonate powder Raymond mill is suitable for a wide range of ore, Mohr hardness below 6 ore materials can be grinding, if the customer needs to grind other materials later, without adding new equipment can be grinding.

5.Advanced host structure, stable operation, low noise, convenient maintenance, large grinding area, high classification accuracy.

6.Environmental protection, no dust pollution. Protect the environment while ensuring revenue.

Calcium Carbonate Powder Raymond Mill

Calcium carbonate powder Raymond mill

Processing ability: 1-30t/h

Fineness: 50-325 mesh

Max feeding size: 20mm

Range of application: Calcite, Calcium Carbonate Limestone ,Kaolin,Gypsum ,Bentonite,Marble, Feldspar, Barite, Dolomite, Granite …

Why did the customer choose us ?

High quality products, high quality service.

Purchase our machine can enjoy the following services :

Pre-sale service:

1.Clirik provides a variety of mining equipment for you to choose from.

2.Clirik will recommend suitable production lines and grinding equipment to you according to your site.

3.Clirik customizes the logo and color of the grinding equipment according to your company image.

4.Clirik provides third party inspection to ensure the quality of your grinding equipment.

After-sales service:

1.Clirik provides you with online installation and uses videos.

2.Clirik will provide you with technicians to install and debug the grinding equipment.

3.Clirik trains you the technicians who use and maintain the grinding equipment

4.Clirik provides you with a one-year warranty and lifetime service for grinding equipment.

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