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CLRM Series Dolomite Powder Enhanced Roller Grinding Mill

Processing ability: 1-35 t/h

Fineness: 80-500 mesh

Max feeding size: 35 mm

Range of application: Calcium carbonate, limestone,dolomite,gypsum,carbon black,zeolite,calcite,feldspar,fluorite,talc...

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Product Introduction Of CLRM Series Dolomite Powder Enhanced Roller Grinding Mill

The CLRM series dolomite powder Enhanced roller grinding mill is an innovative and advanced industrial machine designed to efficiently grind and process dolomite powder with enhanced quality and performance.

Dolomite is a mineral that is commonly used in various industrial applications, such as in the production of ceramics, glass, iron and steel, construction materials, and more. The grinding process is crucial in converting raw dolomite into a fine powder that can be utilized effectively in these applications.

Performance Characteristic Of CLRM Series Dolomite Powder Enhanced Roller Grinding Mill

A. Optimize the grinding assembly and improve the grinding efficiency.

Compared with the previous mill, the grinding pressure is increased by 10%, the grinding area is increased by 15-20%, and the layout of the grinding rollers is improved to improve the effective grinding space efficiency.

B. Triple shock-absorbing structure design to ensure the stability of the equipment.

The equipment base, volute air duct, machine body, and grinding assembly are triple-shock-absorbed to effectively prevent vibration transmission and ensure stable output of the equipment.

C. The frequency conversion control of the new impeller improves the efficiency of powder selection.

The impeller of the analytical machine is upgraded from a vane type to a wheel type, and the speed is continuously variable through frequency conversion control. The fineness range of the finished product can be adjusted arbitrarily from 80-425 mesh.

D. The grinding device adopts overlapping seal, which has good sealing performance.

CLRM series dolomite powder Enhanced roller grinding mill can effectively prevent the leakage of wind dust and create a clean ore powder processing plant.

Working Principle Of CLRM Series Dolomite Powder Enhanced Roller Grinding Mill

CLRM series dolomite powder enhanced roller grinding mill components:
The standard configuration of the CLRM series enhanced roller grinding mill consists of main unit, reducer, powder classifier, cyclone percolator, dustcleaner, blower, electrical cabinet and pipes. The optional accessories include a crusher, bucket elevator, feeder.

CLRM series dolomite powder enhanced roller grinding mill workflow:
Big materials are crushed by jaw crusher to the required particle sizes, and carried by bucket elevator to the storage hopper, and are fed evenly and continuously by vibrating feeder into the main unit for grinding. The grinded powder is carried by the airflow from the blower to the classifier to be classified, the particles which meet the fineness enter cyclone collector through pipe, are separated and collected there. They are discharged at the discharging valve to become finished products; the airflow is sucked to the blower by a return pipe on the top of a cyclone collector. the whole airflow system is a sealed circulation and is circulated under positive and negative air pressure.

Product Parameter Of CLRM Series Dolomite Powder Enhanced Roller Grinding Mill

Model Roller Ring Main Shaft Speed
Feeding Size
Finished Size
External Dia
CLRM9720 3-4 320*200 1077 200 145 <20 80-500 45*15*37 1-7
CLRM1280 3 370*2*40 1280 240 125 <20 80-400 75*15*55 2-12
CLRM1300 4 410*2*80 1390 280 112 <20 80-400 110*22*90 3-15
CLRM1620 4 450*300 1620 300 102 ><20 80-400 160*30*132 5-20
CLRM1700 A 4 510*300 1700 300 102 <30 80-325 185*37*160 6-25
CLRM1720 4 510*300 1850 300 92 <35 80-325 250*45*185 6-25
CLRM1900 A 4 600*300 1900 300 92 <35 80-325 250*45*220 8-32
CLRM2150 4 600*300 2150 300 85 <35 80-325 315*45*280 12-35

Introduction Manufacturer Of CLRM Series Dolomite Powder Enhanced Roller Grinding Mill

SHANGHAI CLIRIK MACHINERY CO., LTD has a professional technical force and perfect production capacity. The company’s products are widely used in mining, road construction, bridge construction, housing construction and other industries, crusher, ultra-fine grinding mill, feeder, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, conveyor and other equipment and series of products, all passed the ISO9001:2000 standard quality certification.

Clirik has more than 12,000 square meters of standardized production plant, including a processing workshop, assembly workshop, painting and sandblasting workshop, trial machine debugging workshop, finished product placement workshop, etc. The workshop is equipped with more than 100 high-end CNC machine tools of well-known foreign brands.

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Our Factory


1.Clirik provides a variety of mining equipment for you to choose from.

2.Clirik will recommend suitable production lines and grinding equipment to you according to your site.

3.Clirik customizes the logo and color of the grinding equipment according to your company image.

4.Clirik provides third party inspection to ensure the quality of your grinding equipment.

After- sales service:

1.Clirik provides you with online installation and uses videos.

2.Clirik will provide you with technicians to install and debug the grinding equipment.

3.Clirik trains you the technicians who use and maintain the grinding equipment.

4.Clirik provides you with a one-year warranty and lifetime service for grinding equipment.

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