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Talc Powder Raymond Mill – in Pakistan Case

Raw Material: Talc

Country Of Client: Pakistan

Brief Introduction:

Pakistan customers use Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., LTD. ‘s environment-friendly, efficient and low-cost YGM series talc powder Raymond mill equipment to process talc powder.

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Talc Powder Raymond Mill – in Pakistan Case


Raymond mill customer case site

Customer’s requirements from Pakistan

Pakistan customers in August 2014 in the website message need a grinding talcum powder grinding equipment, fineness of 300 mesh, yield in 3 t/h, and do not intend to do higher fineness of the powder processing. According to his demand, our sales manager for he recommended environmental protection, high efficiency, low investment costs of YGM series talc powder Raymond mill equipment. The customer is very satisfied with the talc powder mill equipment we recommend.

The picture on the right is the customer’s field picture.

What’s the talc powder?

The main component of talc is magnesium hydrate silicate. Talc is pulverized, treated with hydrochloric acid, washed with water and dried into talc. Talc is a silicate with a chemical structure Mg6(Si2O5)4(OH)4.

Talc powder, white or white, fine, non-abrasive powder, greasy to the touch, odorless, tasteless. Talc can be divided into chemical grade talc, ceramic grade talc, cosmetic grade talc, pharmaceutical grade talc, food grade talc and so on according to its use and grade.


1.High efficiency.

The talc powder raymond mill single machine production capacity is large. Compared with R model grinding mill with the same power, the production increase is 40%.

2.Low noise reduction.

Talc powder raymond mill low operation noise, good energy saving effect, unit power consumption cost savings of 30%, save time, save electricity and save cost.

3.The ideal of environmental protection

Talc powder Raymond roll mill, the patented pulse dust collector, is adopted to achieve 99% high efficiency dust collection. The workshop is clean and tidy, and environmental protection is up to the standard.

4.Easy to maintain

Talc raymond mill new sealing structure design, replacing the grinding ring does not need to remove the roller device, easy maintenance, more convenient.

5.Reliable operation

Talc powder Pulverizer mill the new technologies such as plum frame and longitudinal swing roller mill are fully escorting, making the operation of the equipment more reliable and the performance of the whole machine more reliable.

6.High grading efficiency

Talc powder raymond grinding mill The use of forced turbine classification technology, high classification efficiency, excellent grain shape, greatly enhance the market competitiveness of finished products.

talc powder Raymond mill
talc powder Raymond mill


Shanghai Clirik Machine Co., LTD is a manufacturer of industrial mill Raymond mill, mine crusher, ultra-fine grinding equipment and mineral modification equipment. It integrates research and development, production, sales and service, and helps thousands of small and medium-sized investors successfully operate material grinding production line projects.

Founded in 2000, the company not only provides customers with cost-effective crushing and grinding complete sets of equipment, but also provides customers with customized investment and operation programs, as well as turnkey projects for the whole process. With professional technology, high quality products and sincere service, the company has helped many users around the world to obtain rapid profits and high value returns.


If you want to know more about the talc powder Raymond mill and the case, please click here to leave us a message. Our sales manager will contact you later to give you a detailed introduction.

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