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Talc powder ultrafine vertical roller mill- case in Nigeria

Raw Material: Talc

Country Of Client: Nigeria

Brief Introduction:

Talc powder ultrafine vertical roller mill is a new type of vertical roller mill suitable for grinding non-metallic ultra-fine powder.

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Talc powder ultrafine vertical roller mill- case in Nigeria

About This Customer Case

Nigeria talc powder ultrafine vertical roller mill customer case

Nigeria talc powder ultrafine vertical roller mill customer case

In 2020, the Nigeria customer sent us a formatted inquiry on the official website. After getting the customer’s information, our business communicated with the customer through email and learned that the customer needs to process grinding talc with grinding fineness of 1000-3000 mesh and production capacity of 3-5 tons/hour. Our sales manager suggested that he use our CLUM series talc powder ultrafine vertical roller mill.

We have learned that the raw material of the customer is a large block material, which cannot be directly put into the ultrafine mill for grinding. It needs to be broken into small materials for grinding in advance. After receiving the detailed material information of the customer, our sales manager will immediately communicate with the engineer and design a reasonable scheme and drawing for the customer’s project according to the customer’s needs.

After the customer confirmed the design drawing scheme, the sales manager sent the quotation to the customer. The customer asked us the following questions after getting the quotation: 1. The talc powder mill is too expensive. 2. The quoted product information does not match the website information. 3. The freight is too high. We made corresponding explanations to the questions he raised one by one, and the customer finally chose us after many comparisons.

Talc’s main component is the aqueous magnesium silicate of talc, the molecular formula is Mg3Si4O102. Talc belongs to a monoclinic crystal system. Moh’s hardness 1~1.5, specific gravity 2.7~2.8, specific surface area 2.41-2.42 m2·g-1.

Talc has excellent physical and chemical characteristics such as lubricity, viscosity resistance, flow aid, fire resistance, acid resistance, insulation, high melting point, chemical inactivity, good covering power, softness, good luster, strong adsorption.

It is widely used in paint coating, ceramics, medicine, food, plastics, cable rubber, cosmetics, copper paper coating, textile lubricant and paper making and other fields.

Talc Powder
Talc Powder

Why do customers choose us?

1. Excellent talc grinding equipment.

Talc Powder Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill
Talc Powder Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

1. High quality powder size.

Talc powder ultrafine vertical roller mill grind fineness of the finished product is D97 5-45 microns. Narrow particle size distribution, can produce 2 micron content of 20%-70% products, greatly improving the added value of finished products and application areas.

2. Convenient maintenance.

The talc powder ultrafine vertical roller mill grinding wheel and roller plate lining are made of special alloy wear-resistant material, which makes the wearing parts have long service life and low maintenance cost.

3. High efficiency and energy saving

Special grinding structure, forming effective and stable material layer, equipment vibration is small, product pollution-free, good whiteness. Compared with the general mill, the power consumption is 30% less.

4. Environmental Friendly.

The talc powder ultrafine vertical grinding mill roller and grinding disc do not touch each other directly, there does not have the metal impact noise in low vibration. Compared with a ball mill, the running noise is 20-25db lower, which would not hurt a human’s health. Hermetic seal ensures that the system operates under negative pressure. The final powder is conveyed to the final product silo without dust leakage. The environment is clean, meeting the national environmental protection requirements.

2. High quality service.

1. We will provide customers with free on-site survey and design services.

2. We will stand in the perspective of customers and recommend the most suitable equipment for them.

3. We will provide customers with technical support (online installation video, offline on-site installation).

4. We will provide customers with operator training services.

5. We provide customers with a one-year warranty service for wearing parts.

6. We have a long-term spare parts reserve. If the customer needs to replace the equipment with spare parts, a phone can be shipped.

If you want to know more about the product list and product information, you can click here to consult the message, our sales manager will get in touch with you soon.

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