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Calcium Carbonate Powder Raymond Mill – Case in Thailand

Raw Material: Calcium Carbonate

Country Of Client: Thailand

Brief Introduction:

This customer case uses YGM series calcium carbonate powder Raymond mill to grind calcium carbonate into a fine powder (300 mesh) .

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Calcium Carbonate Powder Raymond Mill – Case in Thailand

What Are The Customer Needs?

This Thai customer needs to grind calcium carbonate into 300 mesh powder, with a production capacity of about 5 tons per hour, He wanted the machine to be easy to operate, have a high yield of finished products, and reduce secondary grinding. The site area of the most important customers is not very large, and the investment budget is also limited. Finally According to his needs, we recommend cost-effective YGM series Raymond mill (also known as High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill) for him. 

Why Recommend Choose YGM series Raymond Mill ?

1. Raymond mill is a vertical structure with a small footprint, which solves the problem that the customer’s origin is not large enough. 

2. Compared with other pulverizers, the price of Raymond mill is cheaper, which can meet the customer’s initial investment budget. 

3. Raymond mill fully automatic work, intelligent control, easy to operate. 

4. The Raymond mill is designed with a high-pressure spring device, which increases the output and ensures the fineness of the product. 

5. The wearing parts are made of special wear-resistant alloy, which has a longer service life. 

6. The Raymond mill adopts the design of the impeller adjustment device, and the fineness of the finished product can be adjusted arbitrarily between 150-3000 mesh. 

7. The Raymond mill is designed with a weakening vibration device, which reduces noise and reduces the vibration of the machine 

8. Raymond mill adopts stacked multi-stage sealing design with good sealing performance. 

9. Raymond mill has a materials strong applicability, which suits for many kinds of material whose Mohs hardness below 6 and humidity below 6%. If customers need to replace processed products later, they do not need to replace the machine. 

What Are The Application Areas Of Calcium Carbonater Powder?

1. Calcium carbonate powder can improve the stability, hardness, rigidity and heat resistance of plastic products when used in plastic production, and can also improve the processing performance of plastics and reduce costs. 

2. Calcium carbonate powder can Used as an additive in food. 

3. Calcium carbonate powder can Applied in the construction industry, used as raw material for rubber factory, paint factory, waterproof material factory, house construction and stucco of internal and external walls. 

4. Calcium carbonate powder can be used in the chemical industry to manufacture gussets, toothpaste, soap, cables, etc. 

Food Additives 

Paint Coatings

Plastics and Carble Rubber

Why Choose Clirik ?

    1. One year guarantee for whole machine except for wear parts. 

    2. 24 hours technical support by email. 

    3. Calling service. 

    4. User manual available. 

    5. Reminding for the service life of the wearing parts. 

    6. Installation guide for clients from both China and abroad. 

    7. Maintance and replacement service. 

    8. Whole process trainling and guidance from our technicians. 

High quality of after-sales service symbolizes our brand and ability. We pursue not only good quality products, but also best after sales service. Your satisfaction is our final purpose. 

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