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Calcite Powder Grinding Mill – Case in Guangxi China

Raw Material: Calcite

Country Of Client: Guangxi ,China

Brief Introduction:

Calcite Powder Grinding Mill for Calcite Powder Production Line

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Calcite Powder Grinding Mill – Case in Guangxi China

Details Of This Customer Case

Calcite Powder Grinding Mill – Case in Guangxi China

Guangxi Hezhou customer is a collection of mining, new material research and development and ultrafine powder production, sales, service as one of the private enterprises. The customer has a large calcium carbonate raw material mine, the factory covers an area of 70 mu, specializing in the production of various specifications of heavy calcium carbonate products,  Products are widely used in artificial stone, rubber, plastic, paper, paint, ink, building materials and daily chemicals and other industries. 

The customer found us through our official website. After communication, we learned that the raw material the customer needs to grind is calcite, and the fineness is required to be 325-3000 mesh. annual production capacity of more than 300,000 tons. The final products are used in PE, cosmetics, paint, paper making and other fields. According to his needs,We recommend CLUM、 HGM two series of calcite powder mills.

Why CLUM And HGM Were Chosen As Calcite Ultrafine Grinding?

CLUM series grinding mill

CLUM Series Vertical

Powder Grinding Mill

Finished Size : 600~3000 meshes

Processing Ability : 3 -15t/h

Max feeding Size : 10 mm

Range Of Application: Calcium Carbonate 、Limestone 、Kaolin、Gypsum 、Bentonite、Dolomite…

HGM Series Ultrafine

Powder Grinding Mill

Fnished Size150-2500 mesh

Processing Ability: 1-45 t/h

Max Feeding Size: 10-25 mm

Range Of Application: Calcium Carbonate 、Limestone 、Kaolin、Gypsum 、Bentonite、Dolomite…

Our Product Advantage

  • Green Environmental Protection

The whole equipment is sealed, the system works under negative pressure, the finished products are directly sent to the large finished product warehouse by the gas conveying equipment, no dust spillover, the production environment is clean, in line with the national environmental protection requirements.

  • Run Continuously For 24 Hours

The reducer has circulating oil lubrication and circulating water cooling system to ensure the continuous operation of the ring roller mill for 24 hours.

  • Security Intelligence

The appearance of the beautiful arc design, so that the operation of the equipment is simple and safe, and the electrical system adopts centralized intelligent control, grinding workshop can not be manual operation, the production of finished fine powder uniform, meticulous, high purity, sieve rate of 99.9%.

  • Whole Process Service, Save Time And Worry

Colerico provides project design, equipment installation, commissioning, after-sales service in one of the “total package” service, so that customers save more time and effort.

  • Stable Quality Of Finished Products

It is easy to detect and control the particle size and chemical composition of products, and it is easy to stabilize the quality of products.

  • High Efficiency And Energy Saving

Special grinding structure, forming effective and stable material layer, equipment vibration is small, product pollution-free, good whiteness. Compared with ordinary mill, electricity consumption can be saved by 30%.

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